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 Prison Ministry Five Year Goals: 2007 to 2011


 Provide a program of ministry for all correctional facilities and institutions located in the Diocese of Owensboro


  1. Conduct a survey every other year of programs offered to jails and prisons in the Diocese of Owensboro.
  1. Develop a volunteer recruitment program to include informational and educational programs and a volunteer recruitment video.
  1. Provide periodic training for those involved in Jail and Prison ministry to better equip them to minister to the spiritual needs of those that are incarcerated.
  1. Develop resources for those incarcerated in jails and prisons to help them sustain their spiritual lives such as retreat programs like Residents Encounter Christ  (REC.)
  1. Develop a program for Parish communities to welcome and mentor those released from correctional facilities.  (Cf Responsibility, Rehabilitation, Restoration statement prepared by the U.S. Bishops.)
  1. Assess the need, and seek to hire a part-time director to develop and facilitate jail in prison ministry outreach in the Diocese of Owensboro.

Minutes Most Recently Available

                                                       PRISON MINISTRY COMMITTEE MINUTES 

December 14, 2010

Present:   Dick Murphy, Bob & Sharrie Cinnamond, Brett Mills

Dick opened the meeting with prayer.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved

Dick gave Brett a study on employment for ex-felons.  The Owensboro area seems to be doing  better in this process the other areas of the United States.

Old Business:

Keep Out – John Williams at the Friends of Sinners and Patrick McNulty at the Owensboro  Regional Recovery working with the residents.  They are having some success in finding jobs.  Education and skills play a big part in this.

Fresh Start – The Board has expanded to be more inclusive. Mary Oliver had created an application for those (former inmates) who want to be involved; the goal being to place them in a Christian mentoring group.  Bob and the Board are planning to follow up on these applications to see how well it has worked.

REC –   A weekend for men is scheduled for men from the Boulware Center and possibly OR to be held at Blessed Mother in Feb.  A women’s weekend will be at DCDC Feb. 23-25 and Men’s April 8 –10.  The weekends at Dismas are on hold for now.  70 men have moved into the Center and the administration says they must be included in the weekends  (making them co-ed). 

Friends of Sinners – They now have a house for women at 1100 W. 11th St.  It is being fixed up and they have hired a director and an in-house “mother”.

In-Service – The gentleman from New York is now unavailable.  We need to think about a different kind of presentation.

Pending Executions –  On hold for now..


New Business: 

Fr. Ray and Brett were at the Christmas Carnival at GRCC this past week. They gave away 864 rolls of toilette tissue.  We will look at possibilities for another “gift” for next year.

Bob asked if others who are involved in prison ministry would be interested in attending one of the REC weekends.  Dick will send out a notice. 

Bob is also looking at inviting residents of Lighthouse Recovery Center, New Horizons, My Brothers Keeper and the St. Benedicts Homeless Shelter.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 am with a short prayer.

The next meetings will be February 8 & April 12, 2011 at 10 am at the CPC


Sharrie Cinnamond


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